17-18 Performance Report

School Information

Grades: K-6
Enrollment: 556
Facility: Building opened in 1976 as an elementary school. In 1992, the building was demolished and rebuilt.

Highlights for 2017-18

  • Developed strong family partnerships through events such as Open House, Cultural Night, Pizza with the Principal, Coffee Chats and partnering with Lake Burien Presbyterian Church.
  • Staff completed year one of a 3+ year goal to study and implement culturally responsive practices that increase a sense of belonging for all students and their families.
  • Staff received ongoing monthly trainings in shared reading and guided reading instruction.
  • English Learners attended a morning group called OWL Circles to expand opportunities to practice their skills in a supportive environment.
  • Recognized by the district for exemplary work in increasing daily attendance by 10 percent.
  • Doubled the amount of technology students can access in their classrooms through the district and with the support of our PTA.
  • Staff implemented year one of a 3+ year goal for students to be effective problem-solvers in mathematics.
  • Initiated a Student Council with representatives from grades 4 through 6.
  • Hosted the district Math Bonanza Night.  

Plans for 2018-19

  • Implement the use of ongoing assessment to individualize instruction.
  • Continue practices that provide all students access to engaging and complex text.
  • Continue staff training with cultural competency through a staff book study of Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain in order to strengthen connections between staff, students and families.
  • Deepen students understanding and engagement with complex math tasks through ongoing professional development from our new math coach.
  • Continue to study and align teacher's work with the Common Core State Standards to ensure that students gain knowledge and skills in their daily standards-based activities, assessments, materials, curriculum and instruction.
  • Implement Year 1 of RULER to address the needs of the whole child. The focus of RULER is on developing students’ social-emotional competencies.
  • Hold a Curriculum Night in October to better inform families of the school curriculum and involve families in partnering with the school to improve outcomes.

Invitation to Participate

Invitation to Participate

At Highline Public Schools, one of our four pillars in the district's strategic plan is parent and family engagement. In order to reach our strategic plan goals we will form partnerships with parents and families. Families and community members are encouraged to participate in school activities and in educating students in school, at home and in the community.

How District Funds are Invested

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Source: Actual 2017-18 expenditures as of August 2018.

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